SDG Finance - Enabling Environment

Joint Programme for Influencing Financing of Human Capital Development in Mali

Total funding allocated
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 349200
Co-funding by UN agencies
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 963000

Brief Description

With its population to double over the next 30 years, Mali seeks to address issues in the context of demographic explosion, limited fiscal space and budgetary transparency through the Joint Programme as they are urgent and central concerns to the SDGs. The premise of the JP is that the most effective way to improve the allocation and use of public resources is through budget systems that are transparent, open to public engagement and scrutiny, and driven by evidence-based public finance management diagnostics with robust oversight institutions and mechanisms.


On the basis of the objectives, the JP will contribute for interventions to address the four main financing bottlenecks for Human Capital Development in Mali: (a) Limited budget transparency; (b) Poor value for money; (c) Inequitable spending; and (d) Inadequate funding. To tackle these, the programme will support a set of high-impact and transformational interventions to complement and add value to ongoing efforts to reform the country’s public finance management system. The foundational nature of these interventions means that they are only a starting point and that the JP is thus implemented with a longer-term perspective than its two-year period.

Quick facts

Total budget:
US $2,172,100

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National Partners:

Ministry of Economy and Finance

2020 - 2021

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