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Barbados and Montserrat

Small Island Developing States Leave No One Behind Integrated Policy

Integrated Population Data and Policy Solutions to Accelerate SDGs Achievement in Barbados and Montserrat

The Joint Programme will assist the Governments of Barbados and Montserrat in the attainment of sustainable, healthy and prosperous populations and economies as outlined in the National Strategic Plan of Barbados 2005-2025; and the Montserrat Sustainable Development Plan 2008-2020, which is currently being updated and will maintain key focus on population. Addressing key cross-cutting issues of gender, data and the most vulnerable populations to ensure that no one is left behind (LNOB) will contribute to the achievement of national commitments to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Fewer people will be at risk of being left behind in development if data and information systems are strengthened to map and effectively monitor structural inequalities and inform socio-economic policies; countries will prioritise data-driven decision-making when faced with economic, environmental, social, and political shocks; population sustainability will increase with investments in reproductive health rights and choices; expansion and implementation of family-friendly policies and services will increase population sustainability; better balance in responsibilities for unpaid care work between men and women will increase labour and economic productivity of women.


The Joint Programme aims to facilitate increased access, availability and completeness of quality, real-time disaggregated spatial and demographic data and gender analysis to contribute to evidence-based policy-making processes, including the strengthening of data infrastructure, collection and analysis which are critical to ensure that the poor and disadvantaged are systematically identified and engaged in and benefit from development processes.

Direct Influence: Women, girls, youth, persons with disabilities, older persons, and migrants. Indirect Influence: Rural and urban poor, LGBTI persons (sexual orientation and gender identity), Persons affected by (HIV/AIDS, leprosy), and Victims of (slavery, torture, trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse).

Quick facts

US $ 76,200

Total budget:
US $ 813,951

Total Funding:
US $ 737,751

UN Agencies:


National Partners:


  • Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment
  • Ministry of Health and Wellness
  • Bureau of Gender Affairs, Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs
  • Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment
  • Barbados Statistical Service


  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Management
  • Ministry of Health and Social Services
  • Montserrat Statistics Department
  • Department of Youth Affairs and Sports
  • Royal Montserrat Police Services – Immigration
  • Office of the Premier

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