2022 Joint SDG Fund Annual Report

Crédits Photo: Silke von Brockhausen, UNDP
Annual report 2022

The United Nations Joint SDG Fund endeavours to turbocharge the 2030 Agenda by addressing the fragmentation of the UN’s global response. The Fund assists countries in regaining lost ground by identifying and financing catalytic actions to accelerate sustainable development. The Fund leverages collective capacities, networks, and resources of the UN development system, brought together under the leadership of Resident Coordinators (RCs) to support Governments and local communities in priority areas based on their national needs as outlined in UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks (CFs). 

To date, the Joint SDG Fund has made US$258 million in financial commitments to 119 UN country teams and multi-country offices, with 30 UN entity partners. The Fund works in the areas of integrated social protection, SDG financing and investments, boosting resilience in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and supporting the UN collective response to the global cost-of-living crisis (see Table 1). The primary outcomes and progress of these portfolios are described comprehensively in the subsequent sections, presenting our impact and highlighting our lessons learned.