Crédits Outside the Tosh Hovli – Stone Palace of Khiva, an Uzbek lady practices her craft, knitting. | Brigitte Brefort © The World Bank
Publié sur octobre 9, 2020

Update: Uzbekistan's Inclusive Transformation of the Social Protection System

Uzbekistan’s Joint Programme (JP) for Integrated Social Protection provides capacity-building, policy dialogue and technical assistance to facilitate inclusive transformation of the social protection system at all levels.


Over its first six months, the JP focused on recruiting staff and establishing strategic lines of communication and engagement with partners. The programme team and international experts were assembled. High-level engagements were conducted with key national partners to anchor the JP within the Government’s institutional framework. Principles have been agreed for aligning the approaches to institutional design; the introduction of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health; and the development of the National Social Protection Strategy. A Technical Briefing Note was issued to outline the scope and development process of said National Social Protection Strategy.


The JP has also repurposed up to 20% of funding for COVID-related activities. A study on designing social protection response measures to COVID-19 has been launched by UNICEF. The pandemic has in fact led the Government to ask the JP to expedite the preparation of a new comprehensive social protection policy. Thus, in light of a global crisis that could not have been anticipated, Uzbekistan has been creative and resolute in pursuit of its ultimate goal.