Publicado en Mayo 21, 2021

Popularizing Sierra Leone's SDG Financing Joint Programme Amongst Communities

The Project Coordinator of the UNDP-UNCDF joint program on Domestic Resource Mobilization, Mr. Mohamed Aziz-Shyllon, recently visited 20 of the 22 Local Councils in Sierra Leone to present the country’s Development Finance Assessment (DFA) report along with the Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF). 

Discussions focused on the need to strengthen domestic revenue collection for financing SDG-related projects at district and local levels and participant questions/comments were noted to inform future activities.

Joining the dialogues were fiduciary staff of Local Councils, including Chief Administrators, Deputy Chief Administrators, Finance Officers, Accountants, Finance Clerks, Valuators and Auditors.  The remaining two Local Councils near the capital of Freetown will be visited in the coming days and follow-on activities with Local Councils are planned for the next quarter.


Sierra Leone C1
Kamakwei District