A Time to Act: Transitioning to a Sustainable Future

13:00 - 14:00
Entertainment + Culture Pavilion - Blue Zone


Acknowledging the power of the media industry, sustainability films influence a more trusted, informed and inclusive outlook on how media platforms can be used for social good. They bridge industry gaps between media, consumer, tech, and digital communications industries to drive new societal solutions that leverage the broad reach and power of media platforms. To showcase the effects of climate change, ‘A Time to Act: Transitioning to a Sustainable Future’ powerfully communicates the urgency of action on climate change and sustainable growth. This year the United Nations marks the midway point for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at protecting the planet and its people. It is more important now that media organizations use the power of their platforms for positive impact by finding ways to enhance trust, improve diversity and representation in media, build social cohesion through entertainment, culture and build back a better and sustainable media ecosystem. 

Shft Media creates and aggregates content that entertains, inspires, and nudges sustainable ideas into mainstream culture. Film, art, and culture are powerful and inspiring means to move people emotionally and that SHFT is our particular tool to tell these stories. With the focus on climate change, Shft uses the power of media to tell the story on the Arctic and the impacts by melting ice affect sea level rise worldwide. Sebastian Copeland, one of the world’s 50 top adventurers, is dedicated to raising support and awareness of the environmental issues effecting the Polar regions – and consequentially, the rest of the planet. Featuring Cabo Verde’s recent experience with sustainable finance to showcase how it promotes integrated yet decentralized responses to persistent local, regional and global challenges. Adopting a pragmatic approach, Cabo Verde’s blue finance exchange (Blu-X) platform illustrates the adoption of sustainable finance for achieving sustainable development.  


  • Peter Glatzer, Co-CEO Shft Media

  • Sherrie Silver, Advocate for Rural Youth, IFAD

Closing video message 

  • Lisa Kurbiel, Head of the UN Joint SDG Fund Secretariat