From Rhetoric to Reality: Driving Action Through Stories + Partnerships

14:00 - 15:00
Entertainment + Culture Pavilion - Blue Zone

This event will showcase country achievements, learn about the Joint SDG Fund’s joint programmes from around the world and strengthen the connectedness of human-interest stories that are essential to building strong partnerships. Speakers will explore innovative ways through which storytelling and partnerships complement one another, while addressing emerging challenges in the pursuit of the Global Goals. Speakers from the world of entertainment, filmmaking, youth influencers and the UN come together to share the importance of storytelling and the power of partnerships. Partnerships foster collaboration, mutual learning, and growth, allowing us to push the boundaries of sharing stories of success and requirements to change the trajectory of countries path towards sustainability. We use storytelling to showcase the work of the UN at country level to create meaningful and impactful partnerships. By working together towards a common goal, we can create a collective impact that goes towards what we can achieve, inspire and change – from rhetoric to reality.