Credits Alternative irrigation solutions are costly for many small olive farmers in Tunisia impacted by water shortages due to climate change. Entrepreneur Foued Ben Babis’ digital solution allows such farmers to share resources in finding more cost-effective solutions together.
Published on August 26, 2022

Three entrepreneurs in Tunisia address climate change through innovative agritech solutions

The Tunisian province of Medenine is facing multiple challenges in its agricultural sector, with lack of rainfall due to climate change causing massive water shortages and COVID-19 disrupting crop-production services, further negatively impacting farmers.

To address this issue, UNDP-Business Call to Action in partnership with the Governate of Medenine and the Institute of Arid Regions launched a challenge seeking business solutions to address water shortages in the region. The challenge is part of the Inclusive Innovation Journey which seeks to advance business solutions for development challenges and connect them to local government bodies that need innovative, tech-driven solutions to reach underserved populations. From a dozen proposals, the solutions selected employ unique and specialized approaches that hail from diverse industries.

While the common goal of all solutions is to conserve the remaining water resources in view of the water deficit in Medenine brought on by climate change, the solutions proposed by the three entrepreneurs not only create positive impact for farmers in terms of efficient hydro resource management, they also take into account other pertinent development questions. These include self-sufficiency and sustainability of farms to ensure food security, promoting multisectoral process modernization through software, apps and digital platforms, making technology accessible to farmers and its use in agriculture, and in protecting the livelihood of many smallholder and low-income farmers.

In this three-part series, BCtA speaks to the entrepreneurs providing innovative development solutions to Medenine’s water problems.  

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