Catalysing UN Action to Rescue the SDGs: Final report on the social protection and leave no one behind joint programmes

Credits Photo: UNICEF/Ramasomanana
final report

In 2020 the Fund supported the launch of a first portfolio of 35 joint programmes on Integrated Social Protection and Leave No One Behind (LNOB). Under the leadership of the Resident Coordinators (RCs), the joint work of participating United Nations organisations has supported governments reach 147 million additional persons who benefited from the Fund’s investment by expanding access to new or extended social protection benefits.

This report presents the Fund’s impact and lessons learned. Particular emphasis was put on illustrating the “how” - joint programmes’ contribution to the reform of the UNDS through joint action led by the RCs - and the “what” - catalytic impact that “breaks down the silos” to accelerate the SDGs.

The report conveys results and best practices, and reviews country case on extending social protection systems by supporting policy and legislative reforms, strengthening implementation mechanisms (such as social registries and data management systems), and improving public financial management. The report also explores the scaling and spill-over effects of binding UN expertise, networks, and partnerships for increased UN coherence and catalytic impact.