Cabo Verde

SDG Finance - Enabling Environment

Sustainable, Integrated and Inclusive Finance Framework for Cabo Verde

Total funding allocated
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 995000
Co-funding by UN agencies
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 150000

Brief description

A government-led and UN-facilitated "Ambition 2030" plan, involving both public and private stakeholders, is to be built in Cape Verde. To further complement the work to close existing SDG gaps, mostly related to Smal Islands Developing Countries condition, the Joint Programme will reinforce National Planning System (NPS) by aligning budgeting and planning, and creating the condition to mobilize new financing flows into an enabling ecosystem, through an Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF). 


Within the NPS and the new Budget Law, the INFF will catalyse different ongoing processes seeking to establish an efficient public administration system to set new standards for governance innovation for African, Community of Portuguese Language Countries, and Smal Islands Developing Countries. Aligning planning and budgeting exercises based on objectives, linked with SDG targets and fully integrating human rights indicators and local level plans to leave no one behind, will show how a country facing many development challenges can optimize public revenues and spending, and mobilize private finance for SDG aligned national priorities and SDG accelerators, achieving its transition from aid-dependent to a self-reliant sustainable and inclusive development based on economic transformation, with reinforced transparency and accountability. 


Quick facts

Total budget:
US $ 1,495,000 (Govt of Cape Verde US $ 350,000)

UN Agencies:


National Partners:

Ministry of Finance

Sep 2020 - Sep 2022

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