RDP de Laos

SDG Finance - Enabling Environment

Efficiency and Optimization of Lao PDR’s Public Budget to Finance the SDGs Through the National Plan

Total funding allocated
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 900170
Co-funding by UN agencies
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 140000

Brief Description

Lao PDR is entering a critical stage in its national development, with its ninth five-year National Socio-Economic Development Plan currently being designed that will take the country to within 5 years of the 2030 deadline for the SDGs and likely include the transition from Least Developed Country status. In line with the Plan, the Joint Programme will work to strengthen the national architecture for managing and allocating development finance to support more efficient and effective use of available resources at this critical moment.


The programme will be implemented through drawing on the strengths of UN agencies to: support development of a practical financing strategy to support implementation of the Plan in light of shocks; develop a context-appropriate methodology to cost commitments made under the plan to support improved prioritization; develop an evidence-based approach to supporting budget allocations through a pilot in the health sector; and implement an innovative budget tagging methodology that will allow actual spending to be tracked against priorities.

Quick facts

Total budget:
US $1,040,170

UN Agencies:


National Partners:

Ministry of Planning and Investment

Jul 2020 - Jan 2022

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