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Publicado en Octubre 8, 2021

Digital tools help older persons stay connected

“We older adults are very scared. Suddenly you say ‘This is a death sentence’,” explains Ana Lobos. Like many older people all over the world, Ana, an 80-year-old Chilean, has been disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Publicado en Enero 6, 2021

Pioneering the Green Sukok in Indonesia

The costs of climate change loom large for Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation. Rising to the challenge, the government is forging new and innovative financing instruments, including issuing the world’s first Green Sukuk.

On January 1 this year, torrential rain began to fall across Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and the neighbouring provinces of West Java and Banten.

Publicado en Octubre 30, 2020

Survey shows COVID-19 impacts on gender inequality in Albania

Remembering the endless chores during the COVID-19 lockdown in Albania, “the days got longer, they never ended,” recalls Daniela Fejzaj a 40-year-old information technology professional and mother of two. She and her husband worked from home for more than two months, but she carried the burden of unpaid labour, spending around nine hours per day doing domestic chores around the house.  

Publicado en Octubre 26, 2020

People with disabilities are more visible but still marginalized

UNDP research registers positive changes in Georgian public perceptions but stigma persists.

Persons with disabilities remain one of the most excluded and marginalised groups in Georgian society, but public perceptions are changing. Georgians have become more accepting of persons with physical disabilities but continue to stigmatize intellectual disability.

Publicado en Octubre 16, 2020

Mobile healthcare and social protection services for the remotest rural areas

Adelina, a 47-year-old mother of two children, lives in Jollë village, within the Administrative Unit of Velçan. It is one of the remotest and poorest villages of Pogradec — one that even vehicles have trouble reaching. Only the ten remaining families, keep the village alive. Meanwhile, scarce infrastructure, which cuts off the village from the rest of the country, is over-straining the life of those few residents who remain loyal to it.


Social Protection
Publicado en Abril 21, 2020

Georgia, Leaving No One Behind in the COVID-19 Response

UNDP helps protect the rights of persons with disabilities amid the pandemic.

TBILISI. 17 April 2020 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is working hand in hand with the Government of Georgia to ensure that persons with disabilities all over the country have full access to accurate and timely information to protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Protection
Publicado en Abril 20, 2020

Happy Child Programme: Expanding early childhood care in Brazil

Raquel seemed to be a healthy baby, but early on her parents, Maria Aparecida and Tiago Rodrigues, began to suspect that something was wrong. At five months, there was no doubt. An unusual swelling in her head revealed what had gone unnoticed in prenatal tests: Raquel suffered from hydrocephalus, also called water on the brain, rare medical condition characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the internal cavities of the brain.