Youth Corner
Publicado en Abril 11, 2020

What does Leave No One Behind Mean to Youth During COVID19?

Within countries, all people, regardless of their backgrounds, have rights and responsibilities to fulfill their potential in life, and lead decent, dignified and rewarding lives in a healthy environment. This means that goals and targets need to be met for all segments of society. Those often left behind are people living in poverty and other vulnerable situations, including children, youth, persons with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, older persons, indigenous peoples, refugees and internally displaced persons and migrants. Their voices must be heard, and their active participation as agents of change needs to be promoted.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students from New York University (NYU) and Youth from Nairobi, Kenya virtually came together to share ideas on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Most importantly, Social Protection - what does leave no one behind mean to them on a global scale? 

Watch and find out!

"Equality for all - access to welfare and social programmes." - Eric Zhang, New York University Student

"Helping the environment, so we can leave something behind for the next generation" - Maira Sheikh, New York University Student

"To bring on board youth, private sector, public sector, NGO's, Government and UN Agencies to achieve the SDGs" - Vicky Aridi, Project Officer at United Nations SDSN Youth Kenya

"Quality education for all" - Yousef El Emary, New York University Student

"Age, racial, and gender equality." - Ruth Nzomo, Finance and Administration Lead at United Nations SDSN Youth Kenya

"Making sure everyone has whatever it is they may need to make their lives meaningful, successful, and most important live happy." - Ian Makamara, Director of Marketing of the Millenium Campus Network Kenya

"To ensure that every person has a right to all the privileges." - Pakhi Gupta, New York University Student