Pauline Tamesis

Publicado en Octubre 3, 2022

The first-ever Social Protection Week in Cambodia celebrates achievements and discusses the future roadmap for social protection

When Ley Vuthy got hit by a car in a traffic accident, he thought the injury was going to be an abyss of pain in life, both physically and emotionally.

Vuthy told his experience during the Social Protection Week (SP Week): “I stayed in the hospital for 2 months and went through 3 times surgery. As a moto driver, I didn’t have that money for such treatment”

Publicado en Agosto 4, 2022

Toward an inclusive and integrated social protection system for every child, every mother, every older person and every ethnic minority woman

Nearly 33 million most vulnerable people, of which 48% were women and girls, have received better social protection with a life-cycle, gender-sensitive and shock-responsive approach through the United Nations Joint Programme from the Joint Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Fund.