Published on September 5, 2022

National Secretariat of Planning and UN Ecuador socialize methodology for prioritization of policies linked to the Sustainable Development Goals

The National Planning Secretariat and the joint UN program 'Financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ecuador and targeting Chronic Child Malnutrition' socialized with government institutions a new methodology aimed for prioritizing policies of the National Development Plan, with greater linkage to the SDGs.

This event was attended by representatives of more than eleven public institutions responsible for the policies execution in the National Development Plan. The objective of this first approach was to familiarize the technicians of the institutions with this methodology, which will be applied in new work sessions where it is expected to analyze all the policies aligned to the SDGs of the 2021-2025 Development Plan.



This is one of the steps for the implementation of an Integrated National Financing Framework in Ecuador, a country-driven approach to strengthen public and private financing for sustainable development. After these joint interinstitutional work sessions, the objective is to prioritize the policies that have the greatest multiplier effect on sustainable development.

Daniel Lemus, subsecretary of national planning, pointed out that, aside from the fact that the alignment exercise of the Development National Plan is an important step, which was previously carried out with UNDP in the framework of the joint program, it is necessary to work on a prioritization tool that allows focusing the national government's efforts on more effective public policies.

"The design and application of the methodology becomes a very useful tool to strategically guide the efforts and resources of public management," he said.

By her side, Adriana Lucio Paredes, Governance and Inclusive Development Officer at UNDP Ecuador invited to take advantage of this instrument available to Ecuadorian government institutions in order to support all phases of public policy since "it will make it possible to identify and prioritize those policies that will allow Ecuador to advance rapidly in the fulfillment of the SDGs."


Financing the SDGs and targeting chronic child malnutrition is a joint program involving the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), UNICEF and the World Food Program (WFP), agencies of the United Nations system in Ecuador in support to the national government. The interagency program, promoted by the Joint United Nations Fund (SDG Fund), aims to generate an environment to improve the management of sustainable development financing in Ecuador and leverage both public and private resources for the SDGs. Specifically, the strengthened financial structure will be applied to one of the country's main health problems, chronic child malnutrition, to help improve its indicators with multiplier effects on the SDGs.