Youth Corner
Published on August 8, 2020

The essence of the SDG: Leaving no one behind


The birds can barely sing
For they have no resting place
Scorched earth…a sight for sore eyes


Nauseated by this reality
When this heart-wrenching picture sets in
I hope we all continue to join forces with those already in the battlefield
An army fighting for justice, equality and sustainable communities
We need no guns but social innovation
We need no barracks but organisations introducing better sustainable industrial practices


Ours must be a manifesto of awareness and humane action
When you ask, ‘what can I do to help?’
All that’s in need within your reach will open its mouth and cry out for help
Maybe it just one meal you can offer or perhaps one tree you can save
Fill the gaps you can, no matter how small
The excess food you were wasting away, you will waste no-more
Your company will be mindful of their waste management system and introduce green technologies
The questions will be, ‘Are my actions a cornucopia of negative consequences
Or a beacon of light purging society?’


To those named and unnamed
To those whose faces are splashed on media and those who remain invisible
We appreciate the efforts you have made and will keep making
Salvaging what’s left of humanity


Every moment is dawn
For us to be better, Do better
The sun never lost its essence at dusk and the moon never annihilated by dawn
Strength lies in lifting each other and playing our part as we are
We all matter enough to take some form of responsibility to foster the change we need


Only when no one is left behind in taking responsibility for the SDG is when
…no one will indeed be left behind!!!