Accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2030 Agenda means getting the right economic, social and environmental policies in place and taking them to scale as quickly as possible. It means coming together now to implement sustainable and transformative initiatives that include integrated policies informed by a rights based agenda.

In order to Leave No One Behind we have to fast track SDG gains and mainstream issues like human rights, gender, youth, the environment, and people living with disabilities. At the Joint SDG Fund we aim to inspire a shift in the way we “do development” by placing the focus on integrated policy, strategic investments and financing, and robust partnerships. Smarter, collective investments can accelerate the SDGs, and transforming our world is something we accomplish together.


We believe in speeding up progress towards SDG and 2030 Agenda achievement by establishing new financing networks (that include development banks, institutional investors and the private sector) and multi-stakeholder strategies that increase the scale of SDG investments and rely on integrated policies that accelerate progress across multiple development goals and targets.

We encourage UN Country Teams and national stakeholders to leverage and align public and private sources of financing with the SDGs in a way that is integrated, replicable, and sustainable. Designing and implementing context-relevant, innovative, and scalable financing instruments is a new way of accelerating SDG progress and contributing to 2030 Agenda commitments.

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